The SETA “Track and Trace” application was designed to facilitate the efficient and effective management of beneficiary and stakeholder data across all Sector Education and Training Authority sub-sectors and constituencies.

Inherent in the system design, is the ability to track or trace any beneficiary who has received funding from the SETA and report on these individuals or groups in real time.

The system also serves as a repository for all SETA stakeholder information, which enables efficient reporting as and when required. Coordination and control of data, enables optimal management of information, and in turn effective monitoring and evaluation of functional activities and operating systems used within the organisation.

It facilitates the establishment of an accurate database of all beneficiaries and stakeholders associated with the SETA and enables verification of beneficiaries as well as the creation of reliable, real time reports.

System Benefits include:


  • The tracking of beneficiaries within specific learning programs, to establish the impact of SETA funded programs in the various sub-sectors (ROI Measurement)
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management – Central Repository for all SETA stakeholder information including Learners, Skills Development Providers and Employers
  • Reporting Dashboard – Fully customizable reports for quick reporting and informed decision making are built into the system.
  • DHET Reporting – SETA’s are able to submit the Quarterly Management Report to DHET quickly and efficiently by simply extracting the report from the system at the touch of a button.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting – various reports can be extracted from the system using a series of filters, which make it easier for the SETA to respond to ad-hoc reports requested by DHET and/or other parties.
  • Integration between the Track and Trace Application and the SETA’s internal Management Systems for real time tracking and tracing of learners.
  • Integration between the Track and Trace Application and public/private learning institutions in which learners are placed.