July 1, 2016
Perphia Masha
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Accelerated Management and Reporting Information System (AMARIS) is an advanced software system which enables the capturing of all data related to educational institutions their learners, staff and administrative processes, in an efficient and reliable manner. The system encompasses all aspects relating to Higher Education and Training and conforms to the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The system allows training authorities to track the development and progress of individual learners.

System Functionality

The software provides the following functionality:

  • Capturing of all learner information such as personal details; academic achievements; assessment results and attendance records.
  • Registration of Learners and Automatic Admission Code/Student Code Generation
  • Creation of Learning Programmes including Program Modules and Module Groups
  • Assigning of learners to Learning Programs
  • Capturing of practical and theoretical assessment results (Percentages and/or Competency based)
  • Management of Instructor/Educator qualifications and/or renewals
  • Manage learner and staff attendance
  • Generation of reports including: Learners statement of results, Annual Training Report, Certificates, Course Record Sheets etc

System Flexibility

  • Through Service Oriented Architecture the system is able to easily integrate into other platforms and allow for efficient data migration
  • The system facilitates bulk uploads of learner and assessment records
  • The system allows for development of customised reports on request
  • The system is extendable and scalable should clients require customisation to meet their specific requirements.
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