E-Commerce Body



This products offers the following

  • Online Shop
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Product Uploads

Please note all prices at inclusive of VAT

T&C’s  Apply

*36 month contract




  1. Domain Registration
  2. SSL Certificates –  Website Security
  3. Google Statistics
  4. Content Management (Updating of static content such as text and images as and when required)
  5. Uploading of new product information when required
  6. Unlimited email and Telephonic support during office hours
Additional Services

  • Check for updates to your Content Management System and extensions
  • Check for and fix any broken links
  • Check for 404 (Page not found) errors and fix link or set up redirect
  • Check your page load speed
  • Test your forms
  • Test your website on new browsers
  • Remove any unneeded website extensions
  • Remove any inactive website administrators
  • Test your latest backup
  • Check your ordering process (if you are running e­-commerce)
  • Update your copyright date in your footer and update other date references
  • Review each page of your website for content accuracy
  • Renew your website domain name(s)
  • Review your overall web strategy
  • Examine the overall design of your site


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