Software Development


Software Development

July 4, 2016
Perphia Masha
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Our software design and development team offers its clients unparalleled customized products through its vast collective experience and expertise. Our team of specialists is focused on critical features such as superior graphic design, advanced navigational functionality, search engine optimization and unique behavioral modelling. We even manage  our own servers on which your software can be hosted, should you choose to do so. We use unit and acceptance testing which ensures a robust quality assurance process is adopted. We devote a full-time team to any software development project that you may request from us.

Software Integration

HBS is a provider of data integration services for expert planning, management, and implementation of highly complex and customized IT and software development projects. Our enterprise data integration and management solutions are both mainframe and cloud based and include data governance, data migration, data quality, data synchronization and data warehousing. HBS provides connectivity to enterprise applications which enables the consolidation and transformation of vast amounts of data into reports, analyses, visualization  and dashboards while helping ensure data security and compliance. This allows your organization to leverage  a single business intelligence solution for better-informed, faster decision making and organizational performance optimization.

Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Software maintenance keeps the lights on in every organization, but it also represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software that provide the competitive edge needed to stay ahead and succeed in any industry.Our software maintenance is a support service that ensures the stability of software applications and IT solutions according to the client’s operational requirements and provides upgrades and provides the following services for software systems:

Routine software maintenance services:

  • Software performance checks
  • Software Testing
  • Software Upgrades

Software Customization

Fully customizable software development services help to resolve the unique challenges within organizations. Our professional technical team will endeavour to understand the application requirements thoroughly then design the architecture of the application. We subscribe to industry-standard software development practices and rigorously test the application to ensure flawless implementation. Our History in creating in cutting-edge technology solutions helps our clients with a lengthier shelf-life of applications with minimum maintenance and support requirements. Our knowledge allows us to develop user friendly, agile, scalable and flexible application architecture which incorporates business logic that drive efficiency through greater automation. HBS provides high quality software and web application development services, including maintenance and management support. Our core custom software development services include:

Customized software application development

  • Open source software development
  • Microsoft Development
  • Ecommerce software development
  • Embedded software development
  • Database design & consulting

Software Training

By providing end users with easy-to-understand software training, HBS maximizes return on investment for our customers. These services are comprehensive, cost-effective, and delivered in a timely manner. The training program is designed to provide learning engagements that ensure key audiences (End-users, System Administrators, and Trainers) understand and are able to use the software effectively for their defined roles. We also provide ongoing training which ensures that the audiences are trained on new releases and services.

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