July 24, 2014
Brandon Dickens
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almsThe Accelerated Learner Management System (ALMS) is an advanced data management and reporting software system. The system enables the capturing of ALL data related to educational institutions their learners, educators and administrative processes, in an efficient and reliable manner.

The System which encompasses all aspects regarding Basic and Further Education and Training, conforms to the National Qualifications Authority standards and prescribes the National Protocol for Assessments (Curriculum and Assessments Policy Statements). The software facilitates the improvement of productivity and allows for the complete management of all aspects of Education Institutions by enhancing and streamlining administrative functions.

Principals of educational institutions are able to obtain all relevant data, in order to manage the people and processes within their organizations so as to improve standards and operating procedures, within the education and training environment. HBS Technologies provides a comprehensive project plan including training for the successful implementation of the ALMS software.


Features of the System

  • A repository of learner information such as their personal details; academic achievements; assessment results and attendance records.
  • The creation of courses for each of the four learner phases
  • The assignment of learner admission codes
  • The calculation of assessment marks
  • The generation of learner report cards for each of the four learner phases
  • The generation of various legislated reports for submission to Government
  • The creation of timetables for learners and educators
  • Automation of class lists/registers
  • Capturing of learner and educator attendance
  • The promotion or demotion of learners
  • Merits and Demerits


Benefits of the System

  • Foundation Phase Reports: Allows for full academic history of a learner
  • Quick and Easy Capturing and Editing: Learner, Educator and Staff Personal details, Assessment Marks, Attendance etc
  • On Demand Reporting: Learner report cards, Mark schedules, Progression Schedules, Grade average report and more
  • Mark Calculator: Reduces the risk of errors in the calculation of learner marks
  • Promotion of Learners: Electronic promotion of learners and allocation to grades
  • Timetable: Quick and Easy generation of Learner and Educator timetables
  • Merits and Demerits: Manage learner behaviour and conduct


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